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As the percentage of aging adults climbs in the United States, state arts agencies (SAAs) face an unprecedented need to serve this growing demographic. A primary source of funding and expertise with the ability to operate on state and local levels, SAAs have the capacity to forge lasting change. They are poised to drive the creation of sustainable infrastructure for arts in aging and health in partnership with the aging services industry, healthcare, and academia.


Creative Aging Resources

The Utah Creative Aging Coalition -Bringing together programs, organizations and participants to promote creative aging in Utah.
Mission - To support optimal aging through the creative arts by serving as a clearinghouse of information and education for participants and professionals in Utah’s older adult communities.

EngAGE Utah -Creativity for Life
EngAGE Utah was established in 2012 by KenCrossley as a nonprofit network of Utah's artists, aging services, and health care providers.

The Creative Age Conference -Arts Council of Washington County
This annual conference provides inspiring keynote speakers, hands-on workshops and entertainment.

Lifetime Arts -National Leaders in Creative Aging Program Development
Mission - Founded in 2008, Lifetime Arts is a nonprofit arts service organization that offers a positive, modern, artistic and social lens through which to serve, inspire and engage America’s growing population of older adults. Our approach rejects outdated stereotypes that define older people as needy, incapable or frail. While we partner with and advocate for creative aging initiatives that serve all older adults (55+), our work focuses on serving independent adults interested in exploring creative expression in a social group setting. Our mission has 3 main components:

1. Encourage creative aging by promoting the inclusion of arts education programs in organizations that serve older adults

2. Prepare teaching artists to develop the creative capacity of older adult learners

3. Foster lifelong learning in and through the arts by increasing opportunities for participation in community based programming

Podcast – National Endowment for the Arts

Rohan Spong, Documentary Filmmaker - Winter at Westbeth shines a light on artists and aging.